CEL is engaged in research activities to build better relations between businesses and societies
so that the Osaka Gas Group can continue to be of service to the public into the future.

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About Us

CELfs aim

To help create comfortable lives, vibrant communities, 
and sustainable societies

We conduct surveys/research aimed at resolving social issues in order to create comfortable lives, vibrant communities, and sustainable societies. We then disseminate our findings and offer recommendations to bring this goal closer.

Basic stances

Three basic stances

We will continue to adhere to the following three basic stances:

  • 1.Adopt a long-term consumer/citizen-oriented perspective
  • 2.Approach issues both theoretically and practically
  • 3.Collaborate with a variety of partners

Field of Research

Four fields of research on which we work
  • Habitant and Life
  • Refion and Community
  • Economy and Business
  • Urban Infrastructure

Research Institute for Culture, Energy and Life
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

4-1-2 Hirano-machi, Chuo-ku,
Osaka 541-0046, Japan